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Panoply Holster #2


  • Premium Cowhide = lifetime service 
  • Optional Muzzle Cant = Available in Muzzle Forward, Neutral (not pictured), or Muzzle Rearward Cant (not pictured)
  • Double Layer, Reverse Fold = concealed carry with duty holster durability
  • Steel Reinforcement = mouth stays open on draw, adjustable tension
  • 2 Point Attachment =  great stability, minimal shifting along the belt
  • Stitch Free Sight and Ejection Port Channel = snag free path for draw

Similar in construction to Panoply's #1, the #2 reverses traditional designs while still relying on the principles behind them to create a very well concealed and durable holster.  By using two layers of leather and folding them around the trigger guard rather than over the sights several advantages can be gained.  It creates a stitch free pathway for the sight and ejection port. This feature significantly prolongs the life of a holster.  Many excellent holsters fail long before the leather is worn out because the ejection port or front sight has repeatedly caught a stitch when drawn.  Eventually this tears through the stitch and destroys the integrity of the entire stitch line.   Snagging on a prominent stitch can also be a real danger when trying to draw in an emergency.  The square slide of many modern pistols have a tendency to want to grab a stitch if a poor draw stroke is used, a problem that should be expected in a dynamic confrontation. The stitch free pathway helps to avoid this complication and helps to maintain the integrity of the holster for a lifetime of wear.steel reinforcement band is placed at the lower portion of the holster to extend the life of the holster by allowing you to maintain desired tension. The double layer of leather and reverse fold provide space for the steel and allow for a unique placement of the two belt attachment points.  The loop on the main body of the holster is pushed farther to the rear than found on most holsters.  The angles of the holster, location of the loop, and angle of the cut act in combination to pull the butt of the gun in against the body.  A front loop is made by rolling the forward skirt of the holster around and back onto the belt.  This creates a stable yet compact holster.  Careful angling of the front loop pulls the slide in against the body, eliminating the second main feature that gives away a concealed holster, cover garment creasing from the slide and sights.  It also creates a gap between the two holster loops that allows you lock the holster in place around a pant loop.   The #2 is available in all three optional muzzle cants. The muzzle forward option is pictured above.  Pictures of the neutral and muzzle rearward cants are coming soon. 

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