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Panoply #5  

IWB/Pocket System for Short Barreled Revolvers and Autos 

  • Premium Cowhide = lifetime service
  • Optional Muzzle Cant = Available in Muzzle Forward, Neutral (not pictured), or Muzzle Rearward Cant (not pictured)
  • Steel Reinforcement = mouth stays open on draw, adjustable tension
  • Molded Sight Channel, Countersunk Stitching = snag free draw
  • Hand Tooled Leather = custom, secure fit for individual gun model
  • 2 Point Attachment =  great stability, minimal shifting along the belt
  • # 5 Pocket Hook = when used in pocket the rear belt attachment serves as a pocket hook for your draw
  • # 5 Semi Skirt = minimal skirt at muzzle, creates flat surface so gun stays standing when used in a pocket
  • Hammer wings = aid in concealment, protect shirts and jackets wearing by the hammer 

                  The # 5 combines proven ideas and innovation to make a versatile and exceptionally well concealed holster. The concept was conceived in the winter months when its common to want to carry a second gun in an outside pocket rather than digging through multiple layers to reach your main gun.   The problem is what do you do with it when you get indoors and need to stow the jacket.  I never liked carrying a gun in my hip pocket and depending on what primary gun you're carrying, it can be quite an effort to get the gun into the pocket without anyone noticing.  With a little bit of practice the #5 can be put on and taken off the belt with one hand.  It conceals exceptionally well and offers plenty of advantages throughout the year.  The clip system has a very small print signature,  Yet still pulls the gun snugly in even with lighter weight belts that are cinched down well.  If you need minimal weight and minimal profile it's hard to beat this holster with a Model 37 or a Cobra. 

                  The Panoply standard is to maximize the lifetime of your investment.  Only the best construction techniques and top quality materials, such as premium cowhide are used.  The mouth of the holster is reinforced by a steel insert and two layers of leather.  The combination keeps the mouth open when the gun is drawn and allows you to maintain desired tension throughout the life of the holster.   A molded sight channel and countersunk interior stitch lines create a snag free path for the front sight and ejection port.  Ensuring a reliable draw stroke and a leather free front sight.  Countersunk stitching also extends the life of the holster by reducing the ability of the cylinder corner or ejection port to catch a stitch when drawn from the holster.  This action will eventually tear through a prominent stitch destroying the integrity of the entire stitch line.    Hand tooling of the leather is only done on the outer side of the holster.  The side against the body is left as smooth as possible for added comfort while still providing a secure, custom fit for your gun model. 

                  The #5 can be ordered in all three muzzle cant options, muzzle forward, neutral, or muzzle rearward.  This holster offers exceptional comfort and concealment in all three options.  But some of it's capabilities are best made use of  in a forward of the hip (appendix or cross draw) position, either in the neutral or muzzle forward cant.  Keeping the butt of the gun pulled in against the body is a constant problem in holster making.  This is especially true with a muzzle forward cant.  Careful placement of the two belt attachment points and the design features of Panoply's #5 pocket hook system gives you the benefits of forward of the hip carry positions, while still allowing you to gain a master firing grip.    The two attachment points lock the holster securely onto the belt while torquing the butt in, rather than away from you.   This pulls the gun comfortably but snugly in against the body, minimizing printing through your cover garment. Hammer wings are standard with all the revolver models. They help protect shirts and jackets from being worn by the hammer.  The wings significantly assist in concealing the gun by eliminating any hard angles that create telltale creases in your cover garments.  Regardless of which cant you prefer the #5 can be easily removed from the belt and placed in a pocket.  The #5's semi skirt is made just wide enough to allow the gun to stand upright when placed in most pockets.  The pocket hook lets you get the gun out of the holster and keep it in your pocket as you draw.   
                  The #5 is an excellent option if you need a versatile, low profile, light weight holster for small frame guns.

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